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7/25 Raid Roster
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25th Jul 2013

2.Dmoney- DPS
3.Koves- heal/dps
4.Tipha- Heal/dps
5.Dorganis- Heal/DPS
6.Whacked- Supp/DPS
7.Khellendros- DPS
8.FallsoffWagon- DPS
9.Solaryn - Tank/Heal/DPS
10. To be decided at 8 pm based on raid comp

This list is not final, if someone doesn't show up their spot will be open and we will fill accordingly. Also, just because you didn't get in tonight does not mean you won't get in next week(or even tmmrw/this weekend). The choices made were based on some raw stats and observations. We are here to help you! If you have been left out, do not hesitate to ask me why you maybe didn't get in, or what you may need to improve on, YOU WILL BE RAIDING SOON!

also, i will be streaming tonight the raid on Twitch tv as long as it doesn't lag me up, so feel free to tune in and watch, my name on twitch is Gladiatorer.
Forum » Raids » Events
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