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27th Jul 2013

Figured I'd share with some of you some of the things I use to make myself a little better in hopes that maybe someone reads this and sees something they like or maybe dont use/do that they could use/do to make themselves be all that they can be!

First, keybind every ability you have that you use during encounters. It's one thing to click buffs or potions or whatnot things that you only use once an hour or so, but if you have an ability that you use during most encounters even if its only once typically set a keybind to it! Clicking abilities is a bad habit for a couple of reasons.
1. It is always going to be easier to press a key then it will be to move the mouse over an ability and click it. I need my mouse free to be able to click on enemies if tab targetting is not going to work for a situation or mouse looking to check on whats going on outside of directly in front of me.
2. If youre clicking abilities then that means your attention will be focused more on your action bar then your surroundings. I've played with a few clickers and they are almost always the ones who stand in the fire, dont interrupt when theyre supposed to, dont stack, ect. the most. Our brains only can do so much and when shits going on that you have to pay attention to its very very hard for a clicker to make sure their mouse iss hovering over the right ability and be able to move out of the aoe at the same time or pay attention to the bosses cast bar to do an interrupt or whatever the case may be.
Moral of the story, try to not click buttons!

Secondly use Karuul's Alert and King's Boss Mod's at a minimum. Karuul's alert is a fully customizable addon designed for letting you know anything you need to know about your abilities during an encounter. If youre a necro it allows you to keep track of your dots and when to reapply them without clipping them too much and losing too much dps or letting them fall off because you couldnt see them on the bosses debuff bar. If youre a Marksman it allows you to know when free recoil, Bull's eye, Decoy, Quick Reload, and Strafe are all off cooldown You can also use it to let you know when you have Lock N' Load procced to know if its better to go to strafe or use a finisher first. Things like this make using this add-on a MUST for anyone whos even semi serious about trying to do their best in the game and do raiding.

Then theres KBM, its just very helpful to be able to look over and see when the boss is going to do their next special ability so you always know what to expect and when to move or when to interrupt, when to switch to add's ect...

Third do research on your class and try to play all of your classes roles so youre familiar with everything your class can do. Not only is this part of what makes rift so special and fun but this will allow you to get a better understanding of what synergizes with what and lets you make your builds to suit your playstyle the best, however having said that you should also look at what people have already posted for guides on the riftgame forums as far as raiding builds go and use that knowledge to make your raiding soul's the best possible.

Fourth USE MACROES!!!!!!!
Now im not saying try to macro everything you have into 1 button but if you can macro something into your buttons to make sure you use a reactive ability all the time, or to make sure youre using an ability on CD as you should, or to pair up your cooldowns together to use them simultaneously or to make sure that if youre just out of melee range that you will use a ranged attack rather then just stand there derping, using ground aoe attacks centered on the mob you want to attack rather then having to click the ability and then place it afterwards with the mouse, the list goes on and on as to the advantage of using the macro system in game. Please take advantage of it.

I might add some more stuff to this later but these are just some general things that hopefully youre all willing to try out. I really feel like if youre not doing any of these things, that if you give it a shot your gameplay will improve. I have been an MMO gamer for about 16 years so I believe my information is tried and tested to work out fairly well
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29th Jul 2013

What's a Macro?
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