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RIFT 2.3 Hotfix #9 – 07/10/13
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10th Jul 2013

RIFT 2.3 Hotfix #9 – 07/10/13

* The Storm Legion Fishing artifact sets now pay out a higher amount of experience.
* Automatic tweeting is back for achievements and discoveries!
* Tweeting from in-game is now more reliable.

* Buying a REX and getting disconnected immediately afterwards will now result in players logging on to find a REX in their mailbox. Gotta love same day delivery!
* You can now gift Storm Legion Souls to other players!
* Using a Faction Changing Scroll now resets any points spent in the Planar Attunement of War. Any players that have already switched factions will have these PA points refunded!
* Stats on the level 50 Ascended's gear has been increased.
* The "send gift" dialog now closes after your present has been mailed!
* Relic Apothecary recipes now sort correctly on the RIFT Store.

* Conquest Power Decay now begins after 48 hours, instead of after 23 hours.
* Conquest Power Decay This is balanced such that you still lose fewer points over your first week of not gaining conquest power, but more once you haven't gained conquest power for over a week.
* Daily PvP Quests have been added to Warlord Mal Laborema and Lasumin Batik Porvi in Tempest Bay. Each day they will offer 4 quests for either Steppes of Infinity or Dendrome.

* Now has 3 control points – each with its own name.
* Control points furthest from your side are worth 5 per tick, mid and your side are worth 3 per tick.
* The cap is still 500 points.

* Traveling the roads of Telara has been improved with the removal or relocation of agressive NPC's. However, Invasion NPC's will still wander the highways, so watch out!
* Quest: Daily Tempest Rising quests have had their payouts increased. They now grant a higher amount of Empyreal Sourcestone.

* Quest: A Snake in Sanctum: Players can now interact with Abbess Katia normally during the interrogation of Cealhaidh.

* Zone Event: The Craft of Conflict: Stomping on pies while stealthed will no longer remove you from stealth. Stomp away!

* Quest: Hunting Heralds: Now correctly grants 600 Empyreal Sourcestone.

* Questgivers in The Dendrome that lingered near wardstones have been moved closer to their nearby hubs as a safety precaution.
* Scout Batosi has moved off that one rock with questionable structural integrity.
* The puzzle in this zone now gives items of the correct level.


Mage: Chloromancer: Healing Torrent now has a stack size of 1 per caster. Previously it had no stack size set.

* Quest: Workorder: Repaired Platemail: Now turns in to Merecenary Margaret, instead of Merecenary Hicks.

* Gloamwood Wall Small Kit now contains the stairs it says it does!
* Reduced prices on curved connector dimension items.
* Some building blocks have had their draw distances increased, so that they are visible at longer distances.

* Freelancer and Warlord upgrades are now available from Mercenary Hicks and Margaret in Tempest Bay.
* All Fireworks now have a sellback price.
* Nefarious Shadesource now procs correctly from appropriate healing, such as Bard healing.
* Hunt Legend Mender's Greater Deepstone now sproc from absorbs and healing from the Chloromancer's Lifegiving Veil and Lifebound Veil.
* Nefarious Shadesource and Hunt Legend Mender's Greater Deepstone now proc correctly with area of effect absorbs.


* Several of the Awakened have learned to see through the guise of stealth.
* Salvarola:
- Has been centered on his platform.
- Empowered Warped Fanatics will no longer explode as they run out of Salvarola's room as he summons his demonic minions.

* The Achievements window will no longer show achievements for the other faction.
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