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My Cleric General Dps Build
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27th Jun 2013

http://www.rifthead.com/s ... ornlvlRAgdudskIsGkvV

NOTE: This is my build and how i like to play. You could probably move some points around and squeeze out more DPS for raiding or more survivability for PVP.

This is a general dps build good for pvp, dungeons, and questing. The points in Sentinel give extra spellpower, Heroic Resolve, as well as a couple of heals which is convenient for questing.

- Main thing is to keep your DOTs up, its a majority of your DPS. Scourge, Vex, Sanction Heretic, and Dark Water (not really a necessity, but i use it)

- BoJ (Bolt of Judgement) Until i got 58 points in Inq., I used Bolt of Retribution. When you get 58 points, you get the self buff that makes BoJ almost an instant cast. It is a filler when your DOT are all active and Nysyrs Rebuke is on CD. Use it till Unified Theory kicks in.

- Bolt of Depravity - Use only when the instacast from Unified Theory procs.

- Harsh Discipline - Obviously used when you are taking damage.

- Soul Drain - This is your opener for AOE trash mobs, followed by Tyranny of Death then Circle of Oblivion. Use Soul Drain on CD.

- Spiritual Deficiency - Although i tend not to be very good about this, this debuff should be up on single target dps at all times.

- Agressive Renewal - I have not run into any Mana problems with this build, but I cast this on CD, it does decent dmg.

- Nysyr's Rebuke - Bread and butter! use on CD.

-Radical Coalescence - Obvious, use when all your CD's are burned to reset them.


- Heroic Resolve, Spiritual Scrutiny, Armor of Awakening, Spiritual Protection, and Shroud of Agony.

I will probably add to this in the future and or edit as I see fit. Also note that some of this guide is speculation due to the fact that i am not yet cap level, therefore do not have all my soul tree points.

Please feel free to reply with any questions and/or comments.
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Forum » Anything Rift » General Discussion
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